Comfort Inn Maingate

Shuttle Service from Comfort Inn Maingate

Scheduled Shuttle Service provided by Platinum Transportation

Please ask guest services about Disney’s® inner transportation for additional transfers. (Magic Kingdom ® is referred as Ticket and Transportation Center)

The Magic Kingdom Resort provides continuous complimentary shuttle from any park to anywhere on Disney® property until closing, by Disney® buses, monorail, or ferry boats.

If you need a taxi please visit our website or call (407) 492-8888.

Shuttle Departs Hotel

Time Location
7:10am Sea World® (Canopy)
7:10am Universal Studios
8:45am Animal Kingdom
9:50am Animal Kingdom
10:35am Hollywood Studios

Return Shuttle departs theme parks at:

Time Location
5:20pm Animal Kingdom (Lane 5)
6:00pm Sea World® (Green Canopy)
8:00pm Universal Studios (Lane 84)
10:35pm Epcot® (Lane 33)
*** 11:45pm Magic Kingdom (Lane 35)
*** Only if Magic Kingdom closes at 11:00pm or later


Hotel or Platinum Transportation Inc does NOT provide complimentary transportation to or from Disney® Special events such as “Not so scary Halloween”®, “Mickey’s very Merry Christmas Party”®, etc. Please consult Platinum Transportation Inc for alternative options. The shuttle buses have GPS tracking system for accurate departure times. The shuttle departs promptly at scheduled time. Please be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to departure time as the driver does not announce the departures at the lobby or any area at the hotel. Shuttle operates on the first come first serve basis. Seats are limited. Wheelchair accessible reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. This transportation is complimentary and carrying no cash value. Neither Platinum Transportation Inc. nor your hotel will be held responsible for any missed pickups. No reimbursement for alternative transportation. Groups of 10 or more MAY NOT use the shuttle. Please contact the dispatcher for alternative options. Smoking, food or drinks are prohibited at all times. Luggage other than handbags or strollers is not allowed on the shuttle. Pets are prohibited from riding the shuttle unless needed for medical assistance. Due to heavy traffic, shuttle may have a possible delay. Contact the dispatcher if shuttle is delayed more than 20 minutes. Before boarding the shuttle please present room key to the driver. Platinum Transportation Inc. is not responsible for any items left behind. For additional Shuttle information or Lost & Found Call dispatcher at: (863) 438-7966.